AKAI LPK25 Midi Keyboard Review

Functional, stylish and reasonably priced – the AKAI LPK25 midi keyboard seems like an obvious choice when looking for a budget midi controller. But with such a low price point, will it really do the job?

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A Closer Look

The AKAI LPK25 midi keyboard is a 25-key midi controller which delivers pretty much everything you could ask for from a midi-keyboard in this price bracket.

It’s simple in its design, and keeps its built-in functions to a bare minimum. However, with that said, it still has a lot to offer – especially for music producers on the go.

What Can It Do?

AKAI LPK25 Midi Keyboard

Aside from its 25 keys, the AKAI LPK25 features only 6 other buttons.

It has octave up and down buttons which, in all honesty, you will be using a lot. With just 25 keys, this midi keyboard has a range of only 2 octaves.

It also has a built-in arpeggiator accompanied by a tap tempo button. This is easy to use and ideal for when you need a bit of inspiration coming up with a melody.

The sustain function, which also features on the keyboard, can be used with the arpeggiator. This allows you to arpeggiate through chords indefinitely by simply pressing them once, as opposed to having to hold them down. This is handy for working out melodies and chord progressions for your tracks.

The final function on the keyboard is ‘program’. The AKAI Professional LPK25 has a range of 4 presets available which can be selected using this button. These presets can be customised using the included software and allow you to save note and arpeggiator configurations for future use.

Compact Midi Controller

One of the main selling points for this keyboard is its size. Being so compact, the LPK25 can be conveniently slipped into a laptop case or rucksack. This makes producing on the move a real possibility.

Long train journey? Plug a pair of monitor headphones into your laptop, connect your AKAI LPK25 midi keyboard and you’re good to go.

This keyboard is also a real help if you don’t have the room at home for a large, bulky set up. It’s small enough that finding somewhere to store it when you’re not using it won’t be too difficult, but is still a really useful, functional midi controller.

One of the other positives about this keyboard is that, although one of the smallest on the market, its ease-of-use isn’t compromised by its size. The 25 keys are only marginally smaller than standard size, which means you won’t find yourself hitting the wrong keys by accident as you might expect you would.

Is The AKAI LPK25 Midi Keyboard Right For Me?

This midi keyboard has a lot of great qualities which make it, in our opinion, a worthwhile option for music producers at any level.

For beginners, this is a fantastic entry level midi controller. It’s functional, easy to use and doesn’t cost much. It delivers everything you could need from a basic midi controller.

But for more seasoned producers, the AKAI LPK25 still has something to offer. Its miniature size makes it an excellent choice for a travel keyboard.

The ability to be able to take the studio with you where ever you go means you will never have to stop creating – and we think that’s pretty cool!



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